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Project Management Functions

Setting realistic expectations, fostering agreement among all parties, and then delivering the product is frequently challenging and always requires a wide array of techniques....

The Evolution of the Project Management Discipline

From the time humans first worked together to build a shelter or cultivate a crop, there have been projects and project management. Yet it...

Managing Projects, 6 Challenges You Should Know

Work that is unique and temporary requires different management disciplines. Because managing projects have different characteristics than ongoing operations, they pose a brand-new set...

5 Ways to Improve Project Success

Project management has been called both an art and a science. Below, you will see how mastering the science of project management provides a foundation...

How to Develop Effective Business Writing Skills

It's a source of amazement and some amusement that many articulate people are reduced to blubbering incompetents when required to put their thoughts down...

How to manage your promotion. Is the Game Worth the Prize?

Being an outstanding manager and concurrently working up to the next rung on the ladder is a constant in almost every manager's career—unless he...

Office Politics: Playing the Game

As you may already know, you're judged by the performance of your area of responsibility. The people who report to you are as important...

Can an Understudy Contribute to Your Promotion?

As soon as you've mastered your job, you must start looking for an understudy. The reason for this is clear. Decision makers are going...

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