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Let’s start at the beginning

We started APE Project Management in March 2015. I know we are a young entity but our efforts are being recognized every step of the way and I couldn’t be more proud. With every piece of feedback we have received through our Contact Us forms we have improved and grown.

At the moment, we are focused on creating an open platform where we can share ideas, articles, tips and tutorials on how to learn and practice project management with our community. We have many plans for the future, on how to develop and improve our services, and as soon as we create them we will share them with our readers and customers.

For the time being we plan to provide you with great project management resources, and will try to share what we have learned and experienced.

We aim to improve ourselves with every project we tackle and is a great example of that, we have been making design improvements continuously since we launched and we have grown continuously since launch.

How to contact us

Obviously you can find us on LinkedIn, Tumbler, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Email. We would love to talk with you anytime, so please follow/like and feel free to contact us through any of the following:

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Please read the quick bullets below and then contact me on Twitter for the fastest replies. If we should chat more, I’ll send you my Email address there!

  • Guest Posts – We are taking guest posts, if you are interested of sharing your ideas and thoughts.
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  • We also do link exchanges. Please keep your summary brief if you’d like me to sample your product.

Let’s get together

Got an awesome idea or question? Please shoot us an email.

Feel free to contact us about any inquiries you may have. We are ready to talk project management.