Strategies for Improving Self Image

Improving self image

Anyone can work on improving his/her self image . Here are three methods that have proven successful when it comes to improving self image. The first method is called visualization. You try to visualize a specific outcome that is important to you. Visualization is a tool commonly used by successful athletes. Competitive skiers are not…

Talking About Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Chameleon on a branch

Emotional intelligence is a management concept with which you need to be familiar. Social scientists and psychologists have found that managers and leaders who have high levels of emotional intelligence, or a high emotional quotient (EQ), seem to do much better in their managerial and leadership roles than their counterparts who have average or low…

6 Easy Tricks to Improve Hiring

Hiring the right people

Nothing you do as a manager is more important than hiring well. Nothing. You cannot afford to take shortcuts in hiring decisions. One bad hiring decision can cost you hundreds of hours trying to address the problems created by that decision. If you are uncertain or uncomfortable about a prospective team member, trust your instincts.…

Adaptive Hiring: Select The Right Candidate For The Job

Hiring sign on a building

Unemployment Effects on Hiring If your area has a high unemployment rate, you’ll get better acting performances from prospective employees. People who desperately need steady work and a steady paycheck will take almost any kind of job. They will also more adroit in selling the interviewer on why they should have the job. With high…

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How to interview prospects the right way

Interview between two men

Most managers do too much talking and too little listening during the interview process. The interview with the prospect is a two-way sizing up. Naturally, the candidate wants the job, so candidates will give you the answers they believe will maximize their chances. Any applicant who doesn’t do this isn’t bright enough to be hired.…

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How to Manage Problem Employees

Not all employees you manage will be successful on the job. Someone who is performing poorly may require additional training, transfer to another area where the employee may shine, or ultimately, outright dismissal. Too often, in large companies, managers unload their problem employees onto another department. This is not being fair to your fellow managers,…