Why Project Management?

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why project management
why project management

Why project management? This might very well be the most important question of all, when you are at the start of your career. Lets then try to answer it together. Also before we start I have to remind you that more information is available here Project Management Guide: Starting Out.

Why project management? – the question still exists.

We use project management throughout our lives without even knowing. Whether it is making dinner or building a block of flats, we all use project management every single day. It is an intrinsic part of our lives and still the question ‘why project management?’ is still present in our community.

Even if we practice project management every day we do it mostly unaware, based on past experiences and personal improvements, best practice some would call it. Now organizations follow the same principles, but doing it at a larger scale, thus creating the need for project management to be defined, structured and standardized for it to be truly useful.

Initiating, planning, executing, monitoring/controlling and closing out projects requires some knowledge and experience, and it is more likely to be achieved by using some form of structure and employing trained individuals that follow certain rules and best practices.

Hope is not a strategy, project management provides a framework to help accomplish goals and objectives. Every project will be different, but all share the same beginning, a potential for a good outcome if the idea is guided into reality.

So now that we have a grasp on what it is, we change focus to you and try to identify pertinent reasons for the question ‘why project management?’ and why would you go down this path. A career as a project manager can be very rewarding, and you will have evidence of that below, but until then another question needs to be answered “What do you want from a Career?”.

Unfortunately here I can’t help you too much, it all depends on what makes you tick, and your own skills and personality. Everybody has different ideas about what they consider to be a good career depending on their own ambitions.

One way to answer the questions is to identify what it is that motivates you: money, variety, routine, travel opportunities, stability or maybe something else. Also you can take into account your strengths and weaknesses when you do your assessment. These points will help you determine if you have the potential to become a project manager or not.

Now once that is taken care of, jump to the next Chapter to see an overview of Project Management as a career, and see if it fits your idea of a good career.

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