Project Management Guide: Starting Out

What made me do this you might ask? Well here is the main idea behind this project management guide:

There are projected to be 15 million new project management jobs within the decade. (Source: Project Management Institute)

Over the last decade project management has established itself as being one of the core professions inside an organization. More and more individuals aspire to this position every year, and its desirability is still increasing. Simple, yet very compelling.

I have decided to create a project management guide for aspiring project managers to help you in finding the right information easier, correctly structured and easily understandable. More so, all in one place.

This project management guide will be long so I decided to split it into bite-sized chapters, focusing on several key topics.

Here I want to present what this guide will contain and what you should expect from future posts. You can start from here and go step by step, or you can jump to whichever article you are interested in.

Things to come in this project management guide:

  1. Why Project Management?
  2. Project Management as a Career
  3. What is Project Management?
  4. Decision time, yes or no, to project management?
  5. How to learn project management?
  6. How to start your project management career?
  7. 3 ways of starting out your project management career
  8. The career path of a project manager
  9. Qualities a project manager should nurture

One by one we will complete the puzzle together and at the same time give you right insights into the world of project management. This will help you get a taste of what project management is and help you lay the foundation for future study.

I hope you will enjoy the articles and engage with me in future discussions. Looking forward to hearing your thought about this project management guide and subsequent articles.

So let’s get started shall we. The first chapter: Why project management?

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