Negotiation Framework: Focus On The Problem

Focus on The Problem

Too often personal relations become entangled with the substantive issues under consideration. Instead of attacking the problem(s), people attack each other. Once people feel attacked or threatened their energy naturally goes to defending themselves, and they loose focus on the problem at hand. The key, then, is to focus on the problem—not the other person—during…

Risk Management Framework: Risk Response Development

risk response

When a risk event is identified and assessed, a decision must be made concerning which response is appropriate for the specific event.This will be the third process inside an effective risk management framework and you need to take notice if it’s importance and impact on the project. Responses to risk can be classified as mitigating,…

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Risk Management Framework

risk management framework

As stated in the Risk Management Guide Contents article, this is the first part of the series and I will dive directly into the subject without much introduction. This figure presents a graphic model of the risk management framework challenge. The chances of a risk event occurring (e.g., an error in time estimates, cost estimates,…

Manage Dysfunctional Conflict Easily Using This 5 Step Framework

dysfunctional conflict

Managing dysfunctional conflict is a much more challenging task than encouraging functional conflict. First, dysfunctional conflict is hard to identify. A manager might have two highly talented professionals who hate each others guts, but in the heat of competition they produce meritorious results. Is this a pleasant situation? No. Is it functional? Yes, as long…

PRINCE2, all you need to know!


PRINCE2 is an established project management framework that is part of the Best Management Practice (BMP) portfolio of frameworks. The BMP family is formed by a large group of management and delivery frameworks that have been constructed from industry best practices covering wide areas of topics such as portfolio, programme, projects and service management. PRINCE2…

Agile Methodologies, here to stay.

agile methodologies

Agile methodologies are becoming a trend in project management and software development. In 2007 a survey between 2250 companies showed that 25% of them were using agile methods. Scrum was confirmed to be the most popular agile methodology. A more recent survey on almost 500 companies showed that 40% of them were using Scrum. Demand…