Increasing Pace of Change in Project Management

increasing pace of change

There is another trend favoring project management, which is as strong as the new employment paradigm and probably even more inevitable. This is the increasing pace of change. Tom Peters is gung ho about this topic. His books and articles repeatedly beat the refrain that the economy is shifting, innovation is rampant, and “doing it…

Project Manager in a Changing World

project manager

“I need help!” A human resources manager for a large west-coast health maintenance organization (HMO) was inundated with requests from employees wanting their job codes changed to that of project manager. “Everyone is responsible for projects,” she explained, “but that doesn’t mean everyone is a project manager. Just what is a project manager and why…

Bennis Transformational Theory – Leadership Theories Series

bennis transformational theory

Use┬áBennis transformational theory to develop a vision for your organization based on values and beliefs and not management-speak. Following interviews with a range of leaders Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus identified four strategies that leaders should use when trying to transform their organizations. These are shown below. Strategy 1 Develop a clear and understandable vision…

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