11 Android Project Management Apps We Love, and You Should Know About

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Android Project Management Apps
Project Management Apps

The world’s going mobile, and we’re no different for we love our mobile gadgets and apps too! So we wanted to share Apple, Windows and Android Project Management apps that we think could be useful for project managers.

Before you go on and read our list please remember that these are some of the apps out there that we happen to use and like. There may newer, better apps you use and we would love to learn about them.

  1. Planning Pro. Nice little app that allows you to create new plans from scratch, make quick modifications to task start and end dates and task durations. It has calendar view, critical path view and plan filtering features for project and task management.
  2. Teamwork. On the road, day or night (oh, for the days before the mobile we hear you cry!) this gives you access to your projects on your Android when it suits you. For instance, you can manage multiple accounts and use the dashboard for your list of assigned tasks and milestones.
  3. OneNote. Office suite have long been utilized by project managers for the diverse range of functionality, organization, and accessibility they offer. While the praises of Project, Excel, and Word have be sung over the years, a newer member of the product suite, OneNote, is often overlooked and under appreciated for its usability in project management.
  4. SG Project Suites. Designed with tablets in mind and updated this year, this is a touchy-feely tool for both professional and amateur project managers. Create multiple projects and switch between them, have start and end dates, rearrange task rows, set dependencies and a whole lot more.
  5. Evernote. The elephant design is a big clue here! This is a must if you you’re the kind that forgets but has to remember everything on all your devices. You can take notes, capture photos, make to-do lists, record voice reminders and make everything searchable wherever you are. And it synchronizes with almost everything that you’d want it too.
  6. Keynote. Style and substance are captured here. This super app for creating powerful presentations was updated earlier this year and you only need to give a quick tap and touch and you get animated charts and transitions. Go for full-screen view to present on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, or use video mirroring to present on an HDTV and, best of all, as it works with iCloud presentations, automatically stay up to date on all your iOS devices.
  7. Bloomberg. Access all the news, stock quotes, prices and information about market leaders and laggers, from one of the world’s most reputable sources of financial information, and do it all from your mobile device. Bloomberg is also great for any players out there for you can even create a customised list of stocks that you follow.
    Bloomberg Anywhere for Android totally delivers what it promises. Get real-time access to the Bloomberg Professional service. Features include MSG, IB, News and Real-time quotes.
  8. LiquidPlanner. Fans of this project management app can raise a glass because this has now gone Android. You can view and update tasks, participate in the comment stream, browse your project tree and, as they say, more.
  9. OmniPlan. If you love Gantt charts, this is definitely an app that you can get a lot out of. You start out by creating a simple project outline. Then you can use the app to help you through every step of the project until its completion.
  10. Action Complete. For the action-man PM this is a pretty perfect app. Based on the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology you’ll get everything laid out for you and users have said they don’t feel that they have to manage long lists.
  11. Google Voice(Hangouts). Perfect for the manic and got-to-be-everywhere business person for with this you can dial a number and it will ring to multiple places or devices and access all voicemail and texts from the web. To top it off, it lets you make international calls showing your Google number.

These are only a few of all the brilliant Android Project Management apps out there so we’ll keep our eyes on what’s happening in the market. Companies change apps all the time so make sure you read all the blurb before you buy.

A quick question: we were wondering what we did with our time before mobile came along?

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