Managing customer relationships framework

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Managing customer relationships begins during the preliminary project approval phase of negotiations. It is important to avoid the temptation to oversell the virtues of a project to win approval because this may create unrealistic expectations that may be too difficult, if not impossible, to achieve. At the same time, project proponents have been known to…

How to manage your promotion. Is the Game Worth the Prize?


Being an outstanding manager and concurrently working up to the next rung on the ladder is a constant in almost every manager’s career—unless he loses interest in gaining a promotion. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to pay the price of moving to the next level. Preparing for your promotion That is healthy if…

Decision Making Process: Objectivity and Confidence

decision making road

Through the years we have all come across managers who tell us they’re looking at a problem objectively, and then proceed to explain their attitudes or solutions in a most subjective way. When a manager starts off by claiming to be completely objective, you must wonder why she says this. When you hear such a…

Managing Customer Relationships

managing customer

In previous articles I have emphasized that ultimate success is not determined by weather the project was completed on time, within budget, or according to specifications, but whether the customer is satisfied with what has been accomplished. Customer satisfaction is the bottom line. Bad news travels faster and further than good news. For every happy…

Negotiation – 4 Key Points To Increase Your Effectiveness

effective negotiation

The introduction to the art of negotiation can be found here. I encourage you to read that first to get the an introduction to the topic and then come back to this article. I have provided links between the two for easy navigation. Negotiation Framework Fisher and Ury from the Harvard Negotiation Project champion an…

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