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PRINCE2 and Scrum, Integration

There are some papers out there that reference a possible integration between PRINCE2 and SCRUM. While I do agree and feel that it is...

Implementing Scrum: Challenges

Organizations that want to make a move to Agile will need to fully understand what is Agile and what challenges are likely to appear on the...

SCRUM, all you need to know.

Scrum goes back to 1986. It was first defined as "a flexible, holistic product development strategy where a development team works as a unit...

Project Management Statistics

I love reading project management statistics. They are little snipes of information that can be used to start a conversation with your peers and easily engage. Here is a...

The Need for an Effective Project Portfolio Management System

Implementation of projects without a strong priority system linked to strategy creates problems. Three of the most obvious project portfolio management problems are discussed...

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