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PRINCE2 and Scrum, Integration

There are some papers out there that reference a possible integration between PRINCE2 and SCRUM. While I do agree and feel that it is...

Implementing Scrum: Challenges

Organizations that want to make a move to Agile will need to fully understand what is Agile and what challenges are likely to appear on the...

SCRUM, all you need to know.

Scrum goes back to 1986. It was first defined as "a flexible, holistic product development strategy where a development team works as a unit...

Agile Methodologies, here to stay.

Agile methodologies are becoming a trend in project management and software development. In 2007 a survey between 2250 companies showed that 25% of them...

Project Management Trends for 2015

The project management industry is evolving at a faster rate each year, both in technologies and methodologies. The environment continues to influence how organizations...

PRINCE2 Process Model, Graphics and PDF

The British government has honed their project management methods for years, cumulating with PRINCE2 in 1989. An acronym for Projects In Controlled Environments version...

Quick Overview Of Agile Project Management

Every project isn't structured in a way that'd work well with the Traditional Project Management method. Think back to our meal example: while cooking...

Project Management: Guide to Agile, Scrum, Kanban and Waterfall

Humanity has a great track record when it comes to serious project management. From the Great Pyramids to the moon landing, our greatest endeavors...

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