Negotiation Framework: Focus On The Problem

Focus on The Problem

Too often personal relations become entangled with the substantive issues under consideration. Instead of attacking the problem(s), people attack each other. Once people feel attacked or threatened their energy naturally goes to defending themselves, and they loose focus on the problem at hand. The key, then, is to focus on the problem—not the other person—during…

Negotiation Framework: Focus on Interests

Focus on Interests

Negotiations often stall when people focus on interests: I’m willing to pay $10,000. No, it will cost $15,000. I need it done by Monday. That’s impossible, we can’t have it ready until Wednesday. While such interchanges are common during preliminary negotiation discussions, managers must prevent this initial posturing from becoming polarized. When such positions are…

Negotiating – Uncovering It’s Secrets


Effective negotiating is critical to successful collaboration. All it takes is one key problem to explode to convert a sense of “we” into “us versus them.” At the same time, negotiating is pervasive through all aspects of project management work. Successful Negotiating – Requirements Project managers must negotiate support and funding from top management. They…

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