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Planzone is an online collaboration and project management platform that is intended for teams that are working in projects or tasks. The tool makes it easier to bring all your team members together within the same work-space, whether they are actually part or not of the company. So the tool also applies to your partners, suppliers, and customers.

It allows you to manage your tasks, schedule, resources, and milestones, on top of the content, media files, links, and other pertinent documents that are related to a project life cycle. In addition, the tool gives you team members complete access by using a simple web browser.

At the collaborative level, the tool offers Wiki pages, a shared platform to pool all project information, as well as a systematic way to manage user roles and privileges.

Planzone Core Features

Some of the most important features are:

Core Benefits

Save Time

We spend more than a third of our time reading and responding to emails. Planzone reduces this influx of information by centralizing all communications and discussions related to a project in a single interface, accessible to all employees.

Achieve deadlines

Projects always have to be completed by a due date. You can plan the different stages of your project and optimize the distribution of resources. You will know who is available, how tasks are progressing and anticipate possible delays, giving you a greater chance of achieving your deadline.

Encourage the participation of collaborators

From a strictly hierarchical way of working we have progressed to the era of open-plan, where teams work in a more collaborative structure. Planzone allows employees to work together easily and so encourages the participation of collaborators.

Stay in contact with your team

Remote access has changed the way we work, you don’t have to be in the same place to be able to work well together if you have the right equipment. Planzone allows you to be in  constant contact with all your co-workers and easily keep in touch even when you are not together.

Communicate more effectively

In our everyday work we have to communicate with many people, colleagues, partners, clients etc. By restricting your communications to within the context of a project, communication becomes easier, more effective and productive.

Prioritize your tasks

We all have numerous tasks, often we start more than we finish. You simply list all your tasks, affix a due date and can visualize the most urgent work. You prioritize your tasks and work on the most important thing first.

Coordinate your way of working

Even when part of a team, each individual works in a different way, what works for one might not necessarily work for another. You can coordinate the way you work with other team members because all the work related to a project is done in the same way, on the same interface, accessible by everyone.

Preserve the integrity of your data

We are aware of concerns that may arise from outsourcing critical data. Planzone is a 100% French company, whose servers are located in France with a leading European data center.

Extended Resources

They offer 14 days free trial OR the available pricing methods below:

Basic To-do List Team Business Enterprise
9.90 €/month 49 €/month 129 €/month 279 €/month 389 €/month
5 projects Unlimited projects 20 projects 50 projects 150 projets
5 users 50 users 20 users 50 users 125 users
1 GB storage 500 GB storage 250 GB storage 500 GB storage Unlimited storage
Gantt Chart ~ Gantt Chart Gantt multi-projects Gantt multi-projects
~ ~ ~ All features All features

Online Demo

An online demo is not offered but you can test the app through their 14 days free trial offer available on their website.

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