Learning, training and development

Nearly 75% of executives believe their company’s performance could improve if their employees are learning certain key skills*.

*One of these critical skills—project management—can enhance your marketability and give you the flexibility to move across projects, organizations, industries and geography.

Improve your skill set, increase your value to your organization and enhance your career prospects through our in-person and online training and learning opportunities.

Professional development isn’t a one-time thing; it should be a continuous part of your project management career. Make it a priority to assess and improve your skill set, and you’ll increase your value to your organization and enhance your future career prospects.

APE PM Provides the resources, you learn and develop

Learning Project Management Effectively.

We are proposing some articles to get you started. These are based on our community interests, at the moment, and can change as time passes by.

A complete list can be found either by searching our Blog for the desired terms or exploring our database through the Archive Section.

Methods for learning project management

APE PM and R.E.P.s offer training on a wide array of topics with varied ways of learning project management.

Learning Project Management through Quizzes.

  • An affordable way to earn PDUs.
  • Read a collection of papers or articles.
  • And taking an open-book quiz online.

Learning project management at your own pace.

  • Fill your knowledge or skill gaps.
  • Apply knowledge to scenarios.
  • That mimic real-world project management.

Learning project management knowledge.

  • Short format online courses.
  • Individual and group assignments.
  • Timely feedback from qualified instructors.

Learning project management from experts.

  • With real-world experience.
  • Small class sizes offer group interaction.
  • Valuable networking opportunities.

Registered education providers

We have identified some awesome resources where you can find an up to date database containing Education Providers. Take a look at the next tabs and follow the links to find your Provider and begin learning Project Management.

  1. PMI(Project Management Institute) has a comprehensive database containing more than 1600 PMI-approved R.E.P.s offer courses in over 80 countries and online.
  2. APM(Association For Project Management) qualifications are recognized as satisfying some of the requirements for APM Registered Project Professional. APM recognizes these achievements as evidence of knowledge, CPD or competence, depending on the particular qualification.

Career development

Turn to our extensive tools and resources, developed especially to help project practitioners find a job or get ahead.

Learning project management and achieving and award can put you out there. This will show your interest and dedication to the subject. There are a multitude of these out there. They can help you stay prepared and keep up with new demands regarding skills certifications.

Events are great opportunities to learn and develop. Also they are closely linked with networking so make sure you attend. Networking is a relatively new practice, but it has proven to be effective. So embrace it.