A Little Intro Into Our Offerings

Project Management is complex, no doubt about that.

We have created this project management resources portal to give you all the information you need and help you learn and improve the way you manage projects.

Packed with:

After all, every Project Manager needs great project management resources.


Project Management has become an integral part of every organization. The discipline and profession of project management is a set of practices that deals with a wide area of knowledge zones, hard and soft skills within an ever-changing environment. Because of this what worked in the past may not necessarily work in the future.

Based on this idea APE Project Management will feature articles and resources that will confirm or challenge the past best practices based on the actual experiences of its authors.

Topics will cover:

  • portfolio, programme.
  • project management knowledge zones.
  • leadership.
  • motivation.
  • personal development.
  • just to name a few.

Pm Tools, Reviews and News

APE Project Management features a portfolio of project management tools that showcases the most popular software solutions available around the world. We strive to provide you with adequate project management resources and insights to allow you to work more efficiently.

Each portfolio item contains a proper review and latest news related to that particular resource.

Some of the tools and resources we have and will review might be:

  • CRMs.
  • time tracker tools.
  • bug tracking tools.
  • document management.
  • project tracking tools.
  • collaborations tools.
  • task management tools.
  • and many more.

Book Reviews

Another feature of APE Project Management is our book review resources. We try to provide a complete reference library for project managers and book reviews, ranging from:

  • handy practical books and e-books,
  • to professional, comprehensive and strategic books.

The book list will appeal to beginners as well as advanced and expert users, and are covering topics related to Project Management theory and practice.

Some examples would be:

  • Agile
  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Management Principles
  • Business Analysis
  • etc.

Professional Training

We here at APE Project Management have realized the growing challenges that project management professionals face today. We have decided to create a place where you can find the best training opportunities and project management resources.

We will feature many training and e-learning sites as well as certified training providers that offer courses and certifications like PMP, Agile, PRINCE2, SCRUM, Six Sigma, etc.

We will develop relationships with the best training providers around the world so that at any time you can start your project management training, with the confidence that you have made the right choice.